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Braddock Street lives into the call to make disciples of Jesus Christ by being in relationship with our neighbors. From specific church missions, to organizations in the community, to opportunities to join in partner relationships around the globe, Braddock Street uses missions as a gateway to relationship building with all God’s children. Through these relationships with people in Third Spaces (or places that are outside of our circles of peers), we share God’s grace and love, inviting others into God’s embrace.




Refugee Conversation: On Sun., Feb. 25, following the 11:15 AM worship service, Anne Ashby will be with us from Grace Lutheran Church to talk about how they made the decision to sponsor a refugee family. We will learn a little about what it means to be a refugee and how we can support our immigrant families. Soup and salad will be served.

Lenten Serve Calendars: During Lent we will have a calendar with service ideas for families and individuals. The calendar will include projects to do at home and bring to church, collections, presentations, scriptures around our weekly themes, readings about some of our community partners, and thoughts to remind us to relate to others as Jesus taught us, to invite, inquire, inspire, and invest.   We hope the calendar will engage you in some of the partner organizations we support while challenging you to live in relationship with others as Jesus did, as brothers and sisters in Christ. Calendars are available at the Connection Table

Habitat for Humanity Work Day: Throughout Lent, you are invited to participate in several small mission projects each week. One will be working at the Habitat ReStore from Mon., Feb. 26-Sat., March 3. Participants must be over age 16 to work. Click HERE to  Sign up to volunteer . You MUST sign up to volunteer!

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Church Mission Opportunities


Our church has many ways to connect into our community and world to build relationships with our neighbors. The mission areas below have come directly out of our church.

Adult Mission Trips
Our church has a group of dedicated missionaries who deploy no more than six hours from our location to help areas that have been hit by disasters. In 2016, we began our work in disaster response by going to Waverly, VA to help with clean up from the tornadoes that touched down in February. We have sent several teams to West Virginia to rebuild after the violent flooding in June.
In addition, we are sending a team to Louisiana in December to help organize kits that have been sent to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). This warehouse, called the Sager Brown Depot, sends kits to assist children in school, women to learn a sewing trade, women giving birth, and people suffering in the midst of natural disasters.

Backpack Feeding Program


Twice a month, Braddock Street members of the Deborah-Ruth United Methodist Women’s Circle put together food items for children. These items are taken home to feed the children over the weekend. We work with other churches and organizations to make sure children have food every single weekend.


Jonah’s Clubhouse

Every afternoon, a group of dedicated volunteers picks 7-12 children up off the bus and brings them into our church for an after school program.
The children get help with their homework and play games until their parents are able to pick them up after work.

Monday Night Dinner

mondaynight_dinner Every Monday night of the year, we provide dinner for anyone in the community. Some who come out have minimum employment, some are homeless, some are lonely and others are church members. We come as a community to break bread around the table and share life. Dinner is served to all people.


Service Worship

service_worship Three to four times a year, our church members come for worship in their work clothes. After worship, we head out into the community to do projects for our community partners that are time consuming or costly that they don’t have room in their budgets to complete. We have been to CCAP (Community Congregational Action Program), Evans Home, Our Health, Winchester Rescue Mission, and the Laurel Center, to name a few.


Our church is also involved in ministries outside the church, but in Winchester. Here are some of the organizations that we support and how we work with them.

Bright Futures: Frederick County

Bright Futures is a non-profit organization that helps schools connect student needs with resources that already exist in the community. Our church provides mentoring to two schools during the school day through Bright Futures. Our Backpack Feeding Program is also under the initiative of Bright Futures. We look forward to partnering with Winchester City Bright Futures as they begin in 2017.

Congregation Community Action Project (CCAP)

CCAP offers limited financial assistance, clothing and food to families who are struggling to make ends meet in Winchester. Braddock Street Church helps to fund their relief fund, as well as sending volunteers to help with organization and supporting their larger drives for food and clothing throughout the year.


Edinburg Charterhouse

UMFS (United Methodist Family Services) created the Charterhouse Schools as a place where Virginia’s kids with special needs can come to learn and grow in a safe and productive environment. The school is for children of all age levels. Braddock Street Church supports the school financially and with mentors.


Habitat for Humanity

Studs with community partners signatures for Interfaith Build

Habitat mobilizes volunteers and community partners to help hard-working, low income families break the cycle of poverty through affordable homeownership. Braddock Street Church has recently contributed to Habitat’s interfaith build and saw the family moved into their new home in November.



Society of St. Andrew (SoSA)

One major area of food waste in America is in farmers’ fields, where crops that don’t meet top-grade quality are left to rot or be plowed under. The Society of St. Andrew provides opportunities for volunteers to glean these fields. Gleaning is the traditional biblical practice of gathering crops that would otherwise be left to rot and gives the food to those who have food scarcity. Braddock Street Church works with SoSA, providing gleaners throughout the late summer and early fall months. (Gleaning apples for SoSA)


Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter (WATTS)

WATTS is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides a safe, temporary, overnight, cold-weather shelter for homeless guests in Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia. The shelter is housed in area churches, including Braddock Street. It takes many volunteers to cook good meals and provide the support the WATTS guests and staff needs to be successful! We are proud to open our church doors for one of the weeks every winter. (Preparing breakfast for WATTS)



Winchester Rescue Mission

Service Worship at the Mission  Rescue

The purpose of the Rescue Mission is to provide a men’s shelter for the homeless, a soup kitchen, spiritual guidance, addiction recovery, and vocational counseling to those who struggle with these needs in our community. Braddock Street Church provides financial support as well as a meal once a month to the Rescue Mission community. The Mission has also be a recipient of our Service Worship ministry, where we painted both inside and outside and helped to weed their garden patch.



Virginia Missions

Ways we are partnering with other United Methodist Churches to reach people throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

(Layette Kits for United Methodist Committee on Relief)


 Global Missions

 Partnerships with organizations across the world.
(Helping Children Worldwide, Bo, Sierra Leone)