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The Braddock Street Church music program is a ministry that encompasses all ages. Music is the tool we use to teach the stories of Jesus, to encourage prayer and meditation, as well as enjoy fellowship to support a community of faith. The 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM traditional services are led by choral ensembles, singing all genres of music with the newly installed Letourneau Pipe Organ. The Braddock Street Praise Band, led by George Amos, is dedicated to more contemporary music at 9:45 AM. Braddock Street Church hosts several other passionate and talented groups that perform periodically throughout the year, including a Children’s Choir, the Joyful Ringers and Youth Bel Canto.


Sanctuary Choir

Rehearsal - Wednesday, 7:30 PM

Sanctuary Choir is an adult choir that strives to provide a wonderful worship experience each Sunday morning for our 11:00 AM Traditional Worship Service. The Sanctuary Choir offers a wide range of opportunities to use one's musical talents for Christ whether it be as a regular choir member, in an ensemble, or by playing a musical instrument. Additionally, this group normally participates in two major works a year and presentation of a 30 minute "Christmas Eve Recital."


Braddock Street Praise Band

Rehearsal - Thursday, 7:00 PM

The Praise Band is a committed group of musicians helping to bring the Gospel to our world. The Praise Band leads our 9:45 am Contemporary Worship Service using today’s best new Christian songs, primarily Top 100 Contemporary Praise and Worship music, along with new modern treatments of the great hymns and songs of the church. We are always ready to welcome new members and new talent to our group and pray we can help you to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say to you.


New Voices Chior

Rehearsal - Wednesday, 7:00 PM (prior to 1st & 2nd Sunday's monthly)

New Voices Choir is an adult choir that strives to provide a wonderful worship experience for our 8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service on the first and second Sundays of each month. Members will have the opportunity to join the Sanctuary Choir in two major works per year. For more information, please contact our Minister of Music, Judy Connelly.


Joyful Ringers

Rehearsal - Wednesday, 6:15 PM

Joyful Ringers is an adult handbell choir that provides service music for the traditional services throughout the year. Participants should know basic music reading skills, but it is not required.


Youth Bel Canto

Meets Sunday, 4:45 PM

Youth Bel Canto is a choir for youth grades 6 - 12. We split our time between playing handbells and singing.


Children's Choir

Rehearsal - Sunday, 6:45 PM

Carolers Choir - children entering kindergarten - 1st grade. Choristers Choir - children entering 2nd grade - 5th grade.

Organ at Braddock Street - Letournéau, Opus 124

Letournéau, Opus 124

Judy Connelly, Minister of Music & Organist
More Information about our Organ -Click image to view