Re:  Actions of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church

Re:  Actions of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church

As many of us are aware, yesterday concluded the called General Conference of the United Methodist Church on human sexuality. You can read more about the details here, but know that the delegation adopted a Traditional plan that retains current restrictions against gay marriage in the church, and the ordination of self-avowed, practicing, homosexuals. It also adds tighter accountability and discipline regarding violation of these restrictions. Questions remain as to whether the Traditional Plan is constitutional and what parts will go into effect.

On Friday, our clergy will be attending a briefing from District Superintendents on what all this means for United Methodist congregations. We will share information as it comes to us. You may also wish to watch a livestream being aired on Monday morning at 10 AM, with a message from our Bishop, Sharma Lewis.

For right now, remember that this is a time for us to be very, very gentle with one another. Some will be pleased with the General Conference’s action. Others will be very hurt. Remember that we have openly gay members in our church family. Some who have joined our congregation in recent years, some who were born and raised in this congregation. Nearly all of us have relatives and friends who are LGBTQ. For those who are hurting: We see you. We love you. You are welcome here at Braddock Street Church.

Please be patient, and wait for God’s timing to do God’s work. Be in prayer for our congregation, our denomination, and especially for those who are hurting.

Recognize God’s power among us. We are a great church. We have done, are doing, and will do great ministry together in the name of Christ. The hungry are fed. The homeless are being housed. Children are cared for and shaped by God through our ministries.

Most of all, remember the power of God’s love, which is for everyone.
“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)

-Your Clergy leadership at Braddock Street UMC