Our ministry at Braddock Street Church is supported entirely by members of our church family. We encourage all our members to give a percentage of their income, striving toward the Biblical model of tithing or returning to God 10% of everything we make. Numbers 18:21-26; Deuteronomy 14:22; 2 Chronicles 31:5-6; Nehemiah 10:38; Malachi 3:10; Matthew 23:23 are Scripture passages related to tithing. Regular giving makes us charitable people and is a spiritual discipline, reminding us that all we have is a gift from God. 

  • Ways to Give:
    • In person: or by mailing a check to 115 Wolfe St, Winchester, VA 22601
    • Online Giving: Online banking fees vary with how you set up your donation. You can give by check, credit card or text by clicking this link and following the prompts to set up an account. https://bsumc.churchtrac.com/give
    • Credit card: Donating by credit card incurs a 3% fee. You can cover the fee with your donation, but it is not required. (We do not recommend this if you are making a large donation because of the fee.)
    • Electronic Check: This costs the church only $0.25 per transaction.
    • BillPay: Using your bank’s BillPay service is free. We have many congregation members who have set up an automatic deduction directly from their checking account. The bank then writes a check and mails it to us. This is a great way to set up recurring donations or to send a large donation. Contact your bank to set it up.
    • Facebook or Instagram: Believe it or not, donating this way is 100% free!
    • Stock Donations: Please contact Rachel BeDell for the steps to donate by stock.