small groups

You hear the phrase “small groups” a lot in the church world, but there’s a chance you’ve never heard what they are.  At Braddock Street Church, we believe that small groups allow us to share God’s love with others.  They give us a community of people to support us in prayer, conversation, sharing faith stories, reading the Bible, and sometimes even sharing a meal.  They give us a chance to learn, to ask questions, and to grow in our relationships with God and one another.

This page provides a list of all of our Small Groups at Braddock Street.  You’ll see the day of the week, the frequency of the meetings, and a contact for each of the groups. If you’d like more information, please contact Pastor Ahnnalise.

  • The term Koinonia is defined as Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians. Koinonia is a welcoming, curious and challenged group with a relaxed atmosphere that is flexible and open to a variety of topics from studying scriptures, Bible history, evolution of Christianity, nurturing community, fellowship and more. This class often uses book studies with and without video supplement, having all members serve as facilitators of the group. Koinonia holds several social events each year and is active and supportive of mission work focusing on “Winchester Men’s Rescue Mission” and the “Backpack Food Program”. This class considers every member “family”. Koinonia welcomes any age adult or young adult. The majority of the members are forty and above, some are younger and often have members of our youth join. Originating over 50 years ago, Koinonia has evolved into a fun-loving, open-minded, mission-focused group that enjoys time together in fellowship as well as searching for opportunities to spread love and kindness into the world.

    Contact Information: Anne Brewster or Emily Dickson

  • Oglesby Adult Small group is open and affirming of all ages, races, and gender identities. We are bound together through a common interest in fellowship and spiritual growth. Class curriculum is based on faith studies, prayer life, application of Christian principles in today’s world, and current events. Fellowship time is enjoyed before class begins. Outreach and mission projects include: Backpack Ministry, The Evans Home for Children, CCAP, Our Health, The Laurel Center, and the Salvation Army. An elevator close to our room gives easy access for those with mobility issues. 

    Meeting time and Location: 10:00 AM, Sundays in Room 214, and via Zoom.
    Contact Diane Graham

  • Our small group is called Jubilee and is one of the longest running Sunday School classes at Braddock Street UMC, spanning over 50 years. Most of the members are between 70 to 95 years of age, but everyone is welcome to come and take part sharing and learning of the Lord. We currently have an average attendance of 8 to 14 members. We have several people who take turns teaching each Sunday however all are free to share and to teach. We encourage everyone to openly discuss and ask questions. Everyone participates in selecting books and study material for the Bible based lessons.

    We usually start our class sessions with a time of sharing our joys and concerns followed with prayer. We do collect an offering each Sunday with a portion going to the church and each year our class donates a portion of our offering to local charities.

    We do have a president and a treasurer who keep up with attendance records. Our class is a mixed group made up of couples, widows, widowers and single people. It is a place where we are supportive of each other through prayers, through friendship, and grow in Christian love as we try to help each other deal with senior issues. We hope you join us soon.

    Meeting time and Location: 10:00 AM, Sundays in Room 135.
    Contact Jim Markle.

  • The Seekers Class is primarily a Bible study class, although we also do a book study or two a year. We like to enhance our worship experience by learning about topics such as the Reredos, the UMC Hymnal, the Chrismon ornaments, the Apocrypha and the Liturgical Calendar. We plan our study topics together but remain open to the idea of going in a new direction based on the needs of the group. We try to keep the homework light, and occasionally take field trips. For example, we spent a Saturday morning in the Sanctuary learning about the stained-glass windows. The format of this class is group discussion. The role of group discussion facilitator rotates among those class members who volunteer to facilitate. Our discussions are a confidential safe space in which to ask questions, express different viewpoints and provide support for one another. Three or four times a year we host a guest speaker such as the Associate Pastor, the Visitation Pastor and our Organist. We always share our joys and concerns at the end of our class time so we can lift each other up in prayer throughout the upcoming week.

    Our class is actively involved in missions. Currently we collect donations quarterly for the Evan’s Home in Winchester. We also participate in Service Worship opportunities and other mission opportunities at BSUMC.

    We gather for food and fellowship off site about once a month. Group members volunteer to plan these social events. We chose the name Seekers because we are all seeking to know God, to learn more about the Bible and to grow in our faith.

    Meeting time and Location: 10:00 AM, Sundays in Room 137.
    Contact Jackie Clippinger .

  • Plus One is a small group that started in January 2018.  The “plus one” name signifies that each month we try to do something as a group, outside of normal church routines, whether it be a pool party, dinner out, or just getting out and about as a group.

    We are largely a discussion group, not so much a teaching group – although our discussions become a great teaching and learning tool. One person regularly facilitates discussion, but at times volunteers from the class assume facilitation leadership. You can bring your Bible if you wish, but be sure to bring your willingness to engage – or, if you want, just listen and soak it in. We have a class with such wonderful discussion and diversity in age, background, and perspective. We want to be with others who follow Christ and we know that we do not have to agree on everything.  Too many of us in the world are surrounding ourselves with others that think like us.  Is it possible to not necessarily believe alike, but to love alike? Our group is fairly progressive in thinking and we enjoy examining the Bible and what it teaches us. We welcome everyone to our group.

    Plus One started with fifteen people in attendance and usually averages 8-15 each Sunday.  We enjoy following the Wesleyan traditions of small groups and we enjoy being United Methodists.

    We do not have a set course of study.  The group decides what it wants to study and discuss. Whether it is Women of the Bible, a church-wide study, a Lenten study, or a specific book such as Why by Adam Hamilton, or the book Enough by Adam Hamilton, where,

    interestingly, the Introduction of the book is entitled, Faith In The Midst of Financial Crisis – a very timely subject for today. Please come join us. You are welcome and will be welcomed!

    Meeting time and Location: 10:00 AM, Sundays in Room 132.
    Contact Bob Brock.

  • We look a week ahead at the next Sunday Scripture and study the context and theme. We ask "If you were going to preach on this topic, what would your message be? There is no homework, no study books, just reading from scripture. Intentionally inclusive. All ages, abilities. No matter where you are in your journey in Christ, this is for you!  

    Contact Ahnna Lise Stevens-Jennings.